Motorola V3 RAZR Unlocking Kit

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Motorola V3 RAZR Unlocking Kit

Post by sokul on Wed Aug 13, 2008 12:25 pm

nstall "Motorola Razr V3 Software" or use directly the "USB Drivers" by right clicking the .inf files and selecting "install" from the menu. The later allows your phone to charge from the USB whilst connected to your computer! Only difference!!

Secondly: depending on how youve installed the drivers using the "Motorola Software" you will be prompted when your plug your phone in your computers USB port to install a further 2 to three more drivers for the phone, these have to be done manually! To do this when the prompt for new hardware comes up select to find the drivers yourself and use the browse funtcion to go to the folder where the software is installed on your computer and highlight the drivers folder inside the Motorola folder then click OK, do this however many times this pops up!

Install RSD Lite, connect your phone to the USB port of your computer power it up by holding the power button and * and # all at once and this will start the bootloader screen up on your phone. Screen shows you information on the bootlader version and version of firmware running on the phone.

Phone connected to computer, bootloader screen up on the phone start RSD then along the top you will see a small button used to browse for files click this then navigate to the 07.D0 bootloader file, select it then click the "Start" tab and the program will do it thing, can tell when its complete cause its says so! DO NOT REMOVE, TURN OFF THE PHONE DURING THIS PROCCESS!!

Okay now here is where it gets different... Way I did it was to change the firmware running on the phone to a newer version, but I had intended to put it to an older version first to remove the provider lock!? Regardless it still worked by using the newest version.

But Ill say now to use the older one first, although my Razr did become totally unworkable after applying the older firmware ie: white screen of death!!! So if this happens to you aswell stick to the newer version and cut out that bit, hopefully no harm will have come to your phone! ;P

Do what was done before using RSD to send the files to the phone, older version first, if it works and your phone powers up correctly then use it if not revert to the newer version if your a pansy and dont wanna "Screw" up your brand new phone! Smile

Depending on what you chose to do above ^ there you have two options. One you can go ahead and use the "Motorola unlocker" now on your phone a few clicks and its done by the way Im not saying how to go through using this program a monkey could use it.. If you have the older version of the firmware on the phone after completing this proccess, procceed to update your phone to the newer version of firmware then after that your finished.

Now your new Motorola Razr V3 will be an unlocked, downgraded, and modified Motorola Razr V3 and wont ask for some dumbass "Subsidy Code" any more



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